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Group Classes

All of my classes now run from The Farm Studio, a unique space specialising in Reformer & Matwork Pilates and soft tissue treatment. Choose the class to suit you out of our matwork classes, studio classes and rehab/prehab classes. My studio is based at Phepson Farm in Worcestershire, just 10 minutes from Droitwich and 20 minutes from Worcester and Bromsgrove. Read more about Pilates classes at The Farm Studio.pilates classes worcester – droitwich – pershore


“All sessions are kept to smaller number to ensure you receive the best feedback on your posture and movement quality, it also allows me to monitor and modify exercises to suit everyone. We aim to build confidence in your body and ensure you are moving in an efficient manner to help guard against injury or promote recovery.” 

If you are interested in putting your name down then please e-mail or call for a registration pack, if you have not been to see me before we will go through a quick assessment before joining so you know what to expect and i can get some details about yourself – i hope to see you soon!


Private Sessions

“These one to one sessions will provide you with a personal assessment and postural analysis, this enables us to identify your individual needs and build a specific programme. You will benefit from this analysis and feedback as you learn about your posture and movement quality.”

Read more about private sessions at The Farm Studio.pilates classes worcester – droitwich – pershore

Book online or contact me more more information, i’ll be happy to chat through your goals.

Australian Institute of Physiotherapy & Pilates (APPI)

Liz is an APPI Clinical Pilates Instructor. Learn more about APPI…

The APPI has modified the original 34 pilates matwork exercises to incorporate the recent research on lumbar instability, muscle imbalance and adverse neural tension. All techniques are based on scientific evidence. The APPI Pilates Method provides therapists with a clinical and user friendly tool for retraining correct activation of the deep postural muscles (Multifidus, Transversus Abdominus and pelvic floor) to improve overall central core stability. It is a  body conditioning exercise programme that consists of a progressive repertoire of mat based exercises designed specifically for Physiotherapists and equivalent degree therapists to teach to the clinical population. The key elements of APPI Pilates method include retraining:

  • Neutral lumbo-pelvic alignment and activation of the key stabilising muscles
  • Correct ribcage/thoracic alignment
  • Scapulo-thoracic stabilisation for the shoulder
  • Neck flexor retraining to stabilise the cervical spine

The repertoire of APPI Pilates exercises also include exercises to improve spinal mobility, flexibility of the key trunk and lower limb muscles groups, body awareness and postural awareness.

pilates classes worcester droitwich area.